How to get people to respond to your unconscious mind

Now, before you actually get them to respond on an unconscious level to you by using, the 2nd Stage of the 4-stage protocol is to really ‘bypass the critical factor’. To bypass the part of their reasoning that says, “No, this isn’t so. No, this can’t be possible.” If you’ve ever given someone good advice, some advice that would actually have helped them, and they turned round to say to you, “Oh, no. You know, I’d thought of that already. That won’t work,” you’ll know what I’m talking about. That’s their ‘critical factor’ getting in the way. If you bypass that – and we’ll show you all kinds of techniques to do that – then you can present your advice, and it becomes a hypnotic suggestion: the solution actually takes. So Stage 1 is ‘absorb attention’ and Stage 2 is ‘bypass this critical thinking’.

How to create quality SEO content

When I first started my search engine marketing company I would literally spend a month making the perfect website only to find out that the site didn’t make me any money.

The funny thing is, this is exactly what so many people do and 99% of the time that’s why it takes them so long to start having success online.

These days I literally throw up a site that takes me ten minutes to create, build some links to it and then see if it ranks in Google before I invest any more time into it.

This is so much more effective because this way I can create ten sites in a day if I want to, and only when I’m seeing results do I invest more of my time into the site.

This is called building a skeleton site.

A skeleton site is basically an empty blog with only the bare essentials that Google is looking for to give you decent rankings.

Then once the skeleton site is ranking in Google on either the first or second page we can invest more time into the site and add some decent content that converts your visitors into sales.

We want to add quality content is to keep our website visitors happy because Google looks at how people interact with your site and uses this as a ranking factor.

So if people arrive at your site and then immediately hit the back button then this is going to affect your rankings negatively.

This is why we want to add quality content to our sites.

Quality content is basically anything that gets your website visitors to stay on you page.

It could be a video, some funny pictures, an interesting article, blog posts, product reviews, or anything else.

The point is as long as people stay on your page then Google will think it’s good.